Ready for the Age of Alzheimer’s?

If you or your loved ones have not yet been affected by Alzheimer’s disease in some way, you can consider yourself lucky.  According to the National Alzheimer’s Association, 5.3 million Americans currently have the memory-robbing illness.  More frightening than that staggering figure is the projected estimate of how many Americans aged 65 and older will suffer from Alzheimer’s by 2050 – between 11 to 16 million people.  The bottom line is that in all likelihood you will be forced to deal with the reality of dementia at some point in your life, either as a helpless victim or as a useless bystander unable to stop the mental deterioration of someone you love dearly.

It happened to me fourteen years ago when Alzheimer’s came knocking at my mother’s door and then refused to leave, regardless of the protests, denial and dramatics that ensued.  And my life has been drastically altered ever since.  Alzheimer’s disease has changed me and my outlook on everything important in my life.  It will certainly do the same to you if and when it shows up on your doorstep some day.

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