Mayo Clinic Great Resource for Alzheimer’s Disease Info

I’ve just discovered another great resource on Alzheimer’s Disease from the Mayo Clinic.  Kudos to them for providing such compassionate and comprehensive information all in one place.  Check it out if you are looking to learn more, they’ve definitely got all the bases covered.

  • Basics including definition, symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, preparing for an appointment, tests and diagnosis, treatments and drugs, lifestyle and home remedies, caregiving, alternative medicine, coping and support and prevention
  • In-Depth information of all of the above
  • Multimedia: images, slideshows, podcasts
  • Expert Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Blog that humanizes the disease and provides compassion and a place for people to respond or discuss
  • Resources: lots of links for additional information and help
  • What’s New: the latest in Alzheimer’s developments

You can also sign up for an e-newsletter to receive timely information from this trusted healthcare provider.  I especially like the blog and the feedback from reader comments.


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