Anti-Bullying Campaign Success at Local School

Congratulations to the Rochester School District for seeing positive results from an anti-bullying campaign launched four years ago to reduce bullying in their schools. An article in the local newspaper today discusses the school’s remarkable anti-bullying efforts and notes improvements based on bullying surveys completed in 2007 and 2011.

Michael Carpenter, a Georgia-based anti-bullying consultant who compiled the survey for the district, called the drop in victimization “remarkable.”

“In all the schools I’ve worked with, I’ve never had this much of a reduction,” he said.

I know all about bullying because this is the very school where I was bullied as a freshman in 1980. For that reason, it is wonderful to read of the efforts implemented to reduce and eliminate this intolerable and extremely hurtful behavior. Kudos to Rochester, and I hope other schools can learn from their success and adopt the same effective methods to make bullying a thing of the past at all schools for all students.

Image and quote courtesy of the State Journal-Register.
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