Watch Unthinkable: The Alzheimer’s Epidemic for Personal Stories

CNN will rerun the Larry King special “Unthinkable: The Alzheimer’s Epidemic” tonight, May 7, 2011, and I highly recommend watching it. For me this special didn’t add any new information on the subject of dementia, but it did put the escalating problem into perspective and offer some beautiful personal confessions of how this horrific disease has affected people, including Maria Shriver, Ron Reagan, Leeza GibbonsAngie DickinsonTerrell Owens, and Seth Rogen and his fiancee Lauren Miller.  Here is a great link for comprehensive information on this program, complete with many of the segments just in case you miss the repeat broadcast tonight.

Larry King Special on CNN: Unthinkable, The Alzheimer’s Epidemic

The segment that packed the biggest emotional punch for me was the profile of twins Mollie Miller and Jackie Singer, caregivers for both parents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. These are real people struggling to get by day after day, not celebrities with money and additional resources at their disposal. I can relate to the overwhelming responsibility and sense of despair Mollie and Jackie feel; I’ve been there. God bless these twins and give them the strength to get through their dementia crisis, and to take something with them afterwards to help them rebuild their own lives with peace and happiness. Watch Mollie and Jackie’s story here for a glimpse at the painful reality of Alzheimer’s disease.

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7 thoughts on “Watch Unthinkable: The Alzheimer’s Epidemic for Personal Stories

    1. Kathleen H. Wheeler Post author

      Hi Irene, thanks for visiting. I’ve checked the link and currently there is no listing of an additional run date. You can however see many of the moving personal stories online from the link above. If I hear when the program runs again, I will let you know and post here as well.

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  2. Pam

    Missed it!!! I recorded the orignal run date, but got the Bin Laden news that aired in it’s place. Unfortunately, CNN did a VERY bad job at advertising the apparent rerun that you wrote about because I missed it as well as any opportunity to record it. Lost my mom in 2002 to early onset of AD. She was 59. Youngest brother was moved to study the disease. Attained his PhD in moleculary biology through research on AD and funding from the Alzheimer’s Association which lead to break throughs I now read about in the media about the genetic understanding and progression of the disease.

    1. Kathleen H. Wheeler Post author

      So sorry to hear about your mother, but how wonderful your brother decided to help with Alzheimer’s disease research! I think anyone with a loved one who has suffered from AD is definitely moved and forever changed by the experience. I can only hope that other will be as moved to help in a positive way as your brother has and as I try to as well. Thanks for visiting and your comment. I hope for your sake that CNN will rerun this touching program again with better advance notice.


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