Virtual Blog Tour on Caregiving for Aging Parents

Virtual Blog Tour: Questions and AnswersDon’t worry, I’m still here, just extremely busy these last couple of months balancing family and work with my own personal goals and interests. I’ve been asked to participate in a virtual blog tour for an author’s new book to be released soon about  caregiving issues as they relate to aging parents, and I find this to be a fascinating request. So right now I’m putting some thought into pertinent questions to ask as they relate to my own personal experience on the subject, and I will share those questions along with the author’s answers in the near future. Until then stay tuned and don’t forget to take care of yourself as you take care of your loved ones.

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4 thoughts on “Virtual Blog Tour on Caregiving for Aging Parents

    1. Kathleen H. Wheeler Post author

      Yes, Marty, there definitely is life after caregiving and I am proof, although while in the midst of caregiving it can be difficult to see any sort of happy and fulfilling future. I’m still working on my writing and book, and I’ve just taken a wonderful concert trip in support of my enthusiasm for music. Also I’ve started a new and challenging job at the beginning of the summer that I enjoy, but it is taking up much more of my time and energy. I hope that you are doing well and taking care of yourself physically and emotionally too with the help of those around you.


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