Old Fashioned Writing With Pen and Paper

Old fashioned writing with pen and paperDoes anybody still write the old fashioned way with pen and paper in this digital age of computers? My preferred method of writing is still furiously scribbling in notebooks, crossing out phrases and revising in the margins with puzzling asterisks and arrows leading the way to refined thoughts. But it seems I am in the minority as I look around me with people extoling the virtues and convenience of their PCs and iPads.

I don’t find typing on the keyboard of a computer to stimulate contemplation in the same manner as the smooth flow of ink upon paper. There is something soothing and reflective about the process of cursive writing on paper that works better for me to find the perfect words to communicate the right message. I need to start from this point first, but I fear the art of “writing” is being replaced by the technical process of word processing.

What do you think? Do you feel modern technology allows for the creative process of writing in the same way as pen and paper? How do you prefer to write?

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6 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Writing With Pen and Paper

  1. georgefloreswrite

    Both. When writing formally, I have to use the computer. When I am thinking, pen and paper. The thoughts get recorded by hand and the results are perfected on the computer. Pen and paper is great company, you can take them anywhere. Not so for the machine.

  2. Marty D (@agingmind)

    I think I’ve morphed along with technology. Writing by hand gets the juices flowing, but then my hand can’t keep up at the speed of a keyboard. Switching allows me to chase my thoughts more accurately.

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