Walk To End Alzheimer’s 2012 in Springfield IL

Walk To End Alzheimer's 2012Walk to end Alzheimer’s? Heck, I’d skip, somersault, cartwheel, dance the jig, or sprint if it would help more to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease! I’ve signed up and plan to participate once again in the Walk To End Alzheimer’s in Springfield, Illinois. It’s a fantastic event to raise awareness of the disease, fundraise for research and support, and the walk is a great opportunity to meet others in your community who have been affected by this mind-robbing disease. Every little bit helps, and I’m looking forward to doing my part for our local Walk To End Alzheimer’s on September 22. I better start practicing that jig, just in case!

Has Alzheimer’s disease impacted your life? If so, please find and attend a Walk To End Alzheimer’s in your area for support and encouragement from others facing the same hardships.

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