The Thieves of Manhattan by Adam Langer: book review

A friend loaned me The Thieves of Manhattan by Adam Langer recently and recommended I read it. Knowing I was a writer and aspiring author, this friend felt certain I would enjoy this story. I was at first skeptical; this book did not fall into the categories I devote my limited leisure time to read: classics like The Great Gatsby, Little Women or Wuthering Heights, or narrative nonfiction and self-help books similar to my own genre of writing.

The Thieves of Manhattan Adam Langer book reviewWhat the heck? I decided to take a break from the norm and give it a try. All I had to lose was a little extra time. As it turned out, my friend knows me pretty well. I truly enjoyed reading The Thieves of Manhattan. It’s an action-packed story about two writers in New York with a history of failure in the publishing industry. Their lives intertwine in a book-writing scam and suddenly they are living the Indiana Jones version of an author’s action/adventure in New York City. The book includes a lot of humorous jabs at the publishing industry and intentionally blurs the lines between fiction and nonfiction writing. By the end, the boundaries between what is real (a memoir) and what is fake (a novel) have been completely overstepped.

As a writer working toward the publication of my first book, I really found this story to be amusing. It was a quick read for me and a nice departure from the books I read to help further my writing efforts for a book to read just for the fun of it. Go ahead and read The Thieves of Manhattan, there’s really nothing to lose with this one, especially if you are a writer or aspiring author. Without even knowing you, I’m still pretty confident you will like this book. And if you read it, let me know what you think!

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