Why Do I Walk To End Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer's disease is a runaway trainWhy do I support the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association each year? Because Alzheimer’s is a runaway train headed at full speed straight towards me and my siblings. I hear the train whistle blaring its approach in my dreams, but I cannot escape this train no matter how I try. Due to my family’s genetic vulnerability from a parent afflicted with Alzheimer’s, we remain helplessly tied to the tracks, unable to escape while dementia bears down upon us. There is no telling when it will arrive and how many it may hit, but from a family of five children it will likely find a target with one or more of us.

I want to find a cure; I want to spare my siblings. Most of all, I want my children to remember Alzheimer’s disease like it was smallpox or polio, a thing of the past that cannot ever touch or hurt them. I will be volunteering at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Springfield, Illinois on September 22 at Southwind Park, helping to set up and find candidates who might be a good match for new clinical research trials. I look forward to connecting with other caregivers who have been forever changed by Alzheimer’s disease and who pray for a cure like me. Please join me by attending or donating to a Walk to End Alzheimer’s in your area. Together we will one day create a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

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