Detours in 2013 and New Year’s Resolutions

thinking_about_breast_cancerA good friend just shared her recent breast cancer diagnosis, confirmed by her doctor four days before the New Year. Needless to say, the shocking news has called into question all her plans for 2013 and changed her priorities drastically, all in one fell swoop.  This life-altering diagnosis will change my friend’s outlook on life forever, and it’s a pretty crummy way to start the year. Weeks ago she was planning a fun vacation for 2013, and now instead she’s making decisions on how best to proceed so that she may live to see far beyond 2013. That’s quite a detour.

Her health crisis has me thinking too. I have been consumed by Alzheimer’s disease for so long, guided by a self-imposed duty to raise awareness and help those I run into along the way who have been adversely affected by dementia. For that reason, I just haven’t contemplated other equally devastating illnesses much, even though I know they are lurking out there and capable of causing widespread misery. I have seen a lot of it lately, especially with cancer.

So as 2013 begins, my New Year’s resolution is to open my eyes wider with compassion for all and help my friend on this unexpected journey with breast cancer. She is the second close acquaintance of mine to be diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50, which seems far too young.

My wish for all in 2013 is to maintain or improve their health and happiness, especially for my dear friend on her unexpected detour. By year’s end I pray she will be back on track standing proudly with all the other cancer survivors, and one day I pray for there to be survivors of Alzheimer’s disease as well.

What is your resolution to make it a happy new year for you and those you love?

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