All parents and kids should watch the movie Bully

Bully, The MovieI finally got around to watching the movie Bully last night. I kept putting it off because I was bullied as a child. Over thirty years later, the memory is still painful, a wound that will never completely heal. I still remember the fear, the panic of not knowing what to do, not knowing who to turn to for help, and feeling trapped and helpless by such senseless victimization. I’m so glad I put that aside to watch this movie though. It was extremely well done, depicted the problem accurately, and showed the misery of kids who are subjected to bullying.

The magnitude of the bullying problem was best illustrated for me by a parent admitting through tears that going to the parents of the bullies didn’t help because those parents just didn’t care enough about what was going on to do anything about the situation. Two families documented in the film had children who committed suicide due to continued bullying. It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear these parents describe the hell that their children endured that forced them to end their lives. And the school administrators shown in this movie just didn’t have any answers about how to control the problem of bullying, they seemed to only acknowledge it existed without really doing much of anything about it.

The movie ended on a positive note by suggesting we can all help by standing up for those who are bullied and reaching out to be their friends. I am going to request that my own children watch this movie because I think this issue is so important. I want them to know that this kind of cruelty has serious implications. I want them to watch out for bullying and to speak up and say something if they see that it is happening to them or anyone else.

I think parents should watch this movie with their kids to open the topic for further discussion and educate their children about this problem. Awareness is a great first step towards helping to solve this problem. Another is just to make kids aware they must have compassion for others and that it is wrong to touch or hurt anyone, EVER, either physically, verbally or mentally.

Have you watched the movie Bully yet? If so, what did you think?

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2 thoughts on “All parents and kids should watch the movie Bully

  1. Frankie D. Hansen

    Lessons of how not to deal with the problem are clearly evident such as an instance featuring an ignorant vice principal who essentially blames a young boy for not accepting the apology of a bully who had just shoved his head into a wall and in the past has threatened to stab him. The woman looks at him stone cold and honest and says, “But he apologized.” A collective grown rose out of my viewing audience as we looked on in bewilderment.

    1. Kathleen H. Wheeler Post author

      I agree, Frankie. The movie makes it painfully obvious that schools and officials just don’t really know how to solve the bullying problem. Thanks for your comment.


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