The first winter snow

First winter snow November 16, 2014

I’ll admit it, I hate winter and snow . . detest . . . loathe . . . despise . . . abhor. Get the picture? And snow before December really gets to me. It’s not fair, it’s too early, I’m not ready. The gorgeous autumn leaves aren’t even gone yet!

And then here it comes . . . . snow . . . falling already in November—dusting the grass, and the cars, and the multi-colored leaves I’m still admiring. The mere sight of winter snow makes me colder, and I’m always cold anyway!

I sat watching the winter snow gently falling from the windows of my sunroom this afternoon with my hooded sweatshirt zipped up to my chin, a hot cup of tea warming my hands. I tried to be angry, but I have to admit the snow looked beautiful, peaceful, quiet, serene. A thin layer of white stuff covered the ground without accumulating too much. Nice big flakes gently floated from the sky without hurry.

Yes, I’ll change my mind. But for now, in this moment, I will marvel at the beauty of the snow and the miracle of the changing seasons.

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