The family saga novel deconstructed

The family saga novel deconstructedNovels must be categorized.

A novel must be categorized for publishing purposes, fitting nicely into some classification for marketing efforts. To sell it, you have to know where it belongs in the scheme of things apparently. So I’ve set to work making sense of my book, determining where it fits in the publishing landscape, and it seems to fall best into the category of family saga.

What is the family saga novel?

The family saga is defined as a genre of literature that follows generations of a family through historical events, changes in social circumstances, or the gain and loss of wealth from a multiple of perspectives over a period of time.

Why is Brought to Their Senses considered a family saga novel?

Let’s examine those defining elements of the genre as they relate to my novel:

  1. Generations of family: 5 generations of family are represented
  2. Historical events/changes in social circumstances: The Great Depression, 1970’s divorce revolution, the Alzheimer’s epidemic in the new century and beyond
  3. Multiple perspectives: four siblings’ view on family and elder care for an ailing parent as told by an omniscient narrator
  4. Over a period of time: the story takes place over 75 years from 1934 to 2009

Brought to Their Senses is definitely a family saga novel.

There’s the proof. My novel meets all the criteria that define a family saga. It’s nice to have that much figured out!

Brought To Our Senses family saga novel by Kathleen H. Wheeler

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