Read more books in 2014

Goal achieved to read more books!

One of my goals for 2014 was to read more books instead of focusing with such intensity on writing and editing my own novel. I knew it was one of those new year’s resolutions that stuck (unlike some of the others I won’t mention here), but I was thrilled when I got solid proof from Goodreads today!

Read more books in 2014, goal achieved!


Books I read in 2014

I finished 12 books this year, averaging 1 a month, hurray for me! That’s excellent progress and quite an improvement over previous years in my memory! Here is the list of books I tackled this year:

My favorite books of 2014

These were my top three favorite books of the year, including  an oldie-but-goodie and one new release from 2014. Not only were these all great stories, they were also beautifully written and touched me deeply. I’d recommend these books to anyone:

  1. The Prince of Tides
  2. We Are Not Ourselves
  3. The Language of Flowers

I think I’ve gotten a lot out of reading more books this year. Reading reminds me why I want to write – because I’ve always loved reading so much, getting so engrossed in a story that there is no other option but to plow through and get to the end. Reading offers great rewards, whatever the reader might be looking for: to be entertained, to learn something new, to validate a belief, to be inspired, to solve a problem, or to become a better person.

My resolution for 2015

It’s been nice to see how other writers cobble their stories together and bring readers along for the ride. Because reading can only make my own writing better, I’d like to continue the trend to read more books as a new year’s resolution for 2015 as well. So I’m challenging myself now to read more than 12 books next year. What about you? Have you read any great books this year that stand out in your mind?

Brought To Our Senses family saga novel by Kathleen H. Wheeler

2 thoughts on “Read more books in 2014

    1. Kathleen H. Wheeler Post author

      Wow, 50 books in a year, Kelly? That makes you a book-a-week reader while I’m here tooting my own horn about hitting a book a month! You’ve got some great tips for reading more too. Some of your tips I’ve already put into action to get where I am now. I’ve managed #2 with my smartphone, although reading on my phone is not great on my eyes but better than nothing. I’ve implemented #3 by insisting that I read at least 10 minutes before bed, and I’ve found that I stay with it much longer than 10 minutes on most nights. Goodreads helps me with #10. I add books as I come across something I want to read, and I get a sense of accomplishment when I can mark one as finished there. Plus it’s great to keep track. #6, #8, #9 and #12 might help me to increase my number of books read by the end of next year, I’ll keep them in mind. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your advice, I really appreciate it!


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