Julianne Moore for best actress Oscar 2015!

Will Julianne Moore win best actress at Academy Awards tonight, February 22, 2015?

I just saw the movie Still Alice last night. I’d been patiently waiting for it to reach my central Illinois city. The film finally made it just in the nick of time – the same weekend of the Academy Awards 2015.

Will Julianne Moore win a best actress Oscar for Still Alice?

I’m left haunted by the performance of Julianne Moore as Alice, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed she finally wins her Oscar for what I’d consider a worthy and heartbreaking portrait of an early-onset Alzheimer’s victim. I’m so grateful for this movie and the book of the same name for raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

Good luck tonight to Julianne Moore, my fingers will be crossed for her to win!

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