The Corkscrew ultimate blend: fine wine and a good book

The Corkscrew in Springfield IL now sells Brought To Our Senses

I love reading, and I love wine. But reading with a glass of wine? Forget about it, that’s the best! What a luxury to sip a smooth glass of Pinot Noir and read a compelling story, one that just makes obligations and responsibilities fade away. If only there were enough hours in the week to read while enjoying a great bottle of wine. Sigh.

The Corkscrew Springfield IL sells Brought to Our SensesThe Corkscrew in Springfield, Illinois can help with this endeavor as this excellent wine shop is now selling the family saga Brought To Our Senses! Head on over to pick up some great wine selections from around the world (they are so helpful with recommendations too, just ask) and pick up your next great book of fiction at the same time. You’ll find the novel up front by the register and in the back near the bar.

And good luck carving out some time for sipping and reading! You deserve it, right?

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