Book Reviews: Praise for Brought To Our Senses

“A profound analysis of complicated family dynamics that should appeal to caregivers seeking inspiration and solace in their own lives ... Wheeler’s gripping novel is ambitious in the way it tackles the heavy subject matter of losing a parent to Alzheimer’s disease… another layer of complexity is added to the saga through the family’s back story …”

—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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“Very highly recommended as a striking jewel that is a glowing standout from the growing stack of dementia fiction sagas … Brought to Our Senses is one of the most true-to-life, gripping accounts on the complexities of interconnected family relationships that has appeared in recent years …” 

"In Brought to Our Senses, Wheeler tackles a very sensitive and personal topic with both compassion and pragmatism. Alzheimer’s has been called “the long goodbye”, and while that is unfortunately true, in the case of the Kraus family, the disease brings about some much-needed healing and new beginnings."

—Sarah Hodon, Compulsive Reader

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“You know the thing I like best about this book, aside from the characters and the story? Kathleen respects the intelligence of her readers. She lets the reader figure out their own takeaway lessons from reading her book ... This is just a plain old good read. I suggest reading it to all thinking people (with siblings) who are engaged in caregiving a loved one with a dementia."

“From my perspective as a psychiatrist, I enjoyed this novel and its portrayal of the Alzheimer’s journey rang true. I was glad the story showed that learning to cope with Alzheimer's can also bring unexpected blessings ..."

"Wheeler’s writing is heavy on dialogue, an area where the writer shines. Conversations flow naturally, keeping the story moving forward at a fast clip."

"Read this book. Hearing the struggles of this modern family as they face the difficult nature of dementia helps those involved to see where they are in the journey of Alzheimer's. There is comfort in knowing one is not alone."

—Susan Frick, MSW, LSW, Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center, Co-Facilitator of the Without Warning Support Group

—Linda Fisher, Early Onset Alzheimer's Blog

"I don't want to gush, but this is one of the best Alzheimer's novels I've read, and I've read a lot of them ... I liken the quality of this book to that of Still Alice. If you only have time to read one Alzheimer's novel this year, I would recommend this one."

“A vivid painting by a true storyteller using broad brush strokes to illustrate the complexity of Alzheimer’s caregiving on families in conflict. You’ll find hope in relationships mended by the most tragic of life’s circumstances.”

"Stop, drop, and read this barnburner about a raging parent and a screwed-up family destined to combust."

—Jacqueline Marcell, Author of Elder Rage

Carolyn A. Brent, MBA, Caregiver & Eldercare Legislation Advocate, Award-Winning Author of The Caregivers Companion and Why Wait?

Brought To Our Senses is a truly inspirational and powerful story offering the universal wisdom of ‘real-life’ lessons. Faced with an aging parent’s health crisis, siblings must confront their deepest resentments and set a new, elevated standard for turning family adversity to love and redemption."

"A heartrending reminder to forgive in case fate forces a family member to forget."

Ann Jirmasek, Clinical Gerontology Specialist, SIU School of Medicine, Center for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders

“An exceptional read and powerful crystal ball showing the life-changing impact one extraordinary woman with a cognitive impairment can have on an entire family. I couldn’t put this book down.”

“A page-turner that takes readers along on one family’s journey through dizzying complications of elder care and painful family dynamics to a new place of understanding and compassion.”

—Julie Hubbard, Executive Director, Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland, Inc.

Jeanne Campbell, Administrator, Mill Creek Alzheimer’s Special Care Center

“An intimate look at complicated family relationships that provides inspiration to love and learn from the heartbreak none of us can change, and a well-marked roadmap for family caregivers navigating the detours of dementia.”