Brought To Our Senses: A Novel

Brought To Our Senses is ...

  • a family saga novel
  • about the importance of family and forgiveness
  • inspired by Mom and music

You'll love Brought To Our Senses because it ...

  • shows the struggles of a real family damaged and divided by divorce
  • inspires to learn and grow from the most difficult experiences in life
  • addresses legal guardianship for an impaired parent
  • includes a substitute soundtrack

When all is lost, family begs to be found.

Elizabeth Miller is a thirty-four-year-old mama’s girl facing a crisis. Her divorced mother Janice receives a deadly diagnosis and becomes a volatile patient, and her fractured family tailspins toward their last resort—legal guardianship with disastrous fallout.

Elizabeth soon exposes her mother’s long-held secret, which lies at the root of her family’s problems. With the lines blurred between right and wrong, she travels a path of reconciliation through the heartland of elder care in a family saga as memorable as Still Alice and as poignant as We Are Not Ourselves.


Brought To Our Senses will strike a chord with ...

  • adult children of aging parents
  • family caregivers
  • families with a history of conflict
  • families dealing with dementia
  • people who love music

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Title Page

Brought To Our Senses Title Page


Brought To Our Senses Contents

Family Tree

Brought To Our Senses Family Tree

Inspiration for Brought To Our Senses


My mother, inspiration for Brought To Our Senses

Family Relationships

Family Relationships explored in novel Brought To Our Senses

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease explored in book Brought To Our Senses


Sting, inspiration for Brought To Our Senses

Photo by Patti Hinton

Setting for Brought To Our Senses—the Corn Belt from Central Illinois to Nebraska

About the Author

Author Kathleen H Wheeler 1 WebKathleen H. Wheeler is a child of divorce and Alzheimer’s disease called to tell a tale. She writes stories that sing because she cannot, and her work has been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul, newspaper, trade, and academic publications. A graduate of the University of Illinois, she has worked as a marketing communications professional for ad agencies and corporations since Nike first coined the slogan “Just Do It.” Wheeler is a self-professed music enthusiast and lifelong fan of a British musician known by a one-syllable nickname. Along with her husband and two children, she calls the Land of Lincoln home.

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