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2017 reading challenge: my year in books

Surpassed my 2017 reading challenge goal!

2017 reading challengeOn the last day of 2017, I pause  to reflect on my 2017 reading challenge goal. I’m thrilled to report I’ve exceeded my objective by 25% this year! I joined my local library’s contemporary fiction book club last summer, and this reading group has positively influenced my reading habits. Not only that, but I’ve been exposed to some terrific books and alternative genres that I would not have discovered or tackled on my own. Continue reading

2016 Reading Challenge Results

Coming Up Short on 2016 Reading Challenge

I set a goal of 24 books for my 2016 reading challenge, and I’m sorry to say that I missed it by four books. What a bummer! I’ve been so busy this year that my reading time was cut short, although I did try my best, especially in the last couple of weeks of the year with additional free time due to the holiday.

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