Alzheimer’s Disease is a Family Affair

After recently discussing my own family’s genetic vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease, I’ve just come across another moving story about the Vincent family of Massachusetts that illustrates Alzheimer’s disease is a family affair.  It is an emotional article that brought tears to my eyes, a difficult feat for a person who has witnessed the  devastation of Alzheimer’s close up already.

Bruce Vincent is only forty-eight years old and has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, the same disease that claimed the lives of both his mother and grandfather at unusually early ages.  That is three generations of the family who have all fought a losing battle with this incurable illness, and Bruce’s three children make a fourth generation now left questioning their own future and the future of any children they might bring into this world, a yet unborn fifth generation.

I am painfully aware of this fear of the future because my own family is in the exact same position.  And yet Bruce himself provides the calming voice of reason; he explains he is not going to worry about his diagnosis because everyone has to face death at some point anyway, he just happens to know his time will be up earlier than most.  This is a long and moving story, but well worth the time it takes to read.  Be sure to watch the accompanying video with Bruce Vincent.  God bless him and his family as they continue to deal with Alzheimer’s disease as a very prominent and unavoidable part of their past, present and future.

Courtesy of The Boston Globe
Article: A Family Struggles With Alzheimer’s
Video: Feeling Him Slipping Away
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Brought To Our Senses family saga novel by Kathleen H. Wheeler

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