Alzheimer’s disease: dealing with family conflict

Family Conflict and Alzheimer’s disease: Alzheimer’s Association Educational Program topic for November

When: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 Noon to 1 pm
Where: Listen live on your phone from anywhere or online afterwards

Alzheimer's disease: dealing with family conflictI’m honored to be participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Educational Programs by Phone in November during National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. This month’s program will focus on family conflict and Alzheimer’s disease and takes place on November 14, 2017 from noon to 1 pm.

I’ll be discussing how family issues can impact the care of a loved one with dementia, a topic explored in my novel Brought To Our Senses. You can register online or by phone at 309-662-8392 to listen to the program live. After registering, you’ll receive a toll-free number to call plus materials to follow along with the discussion. Because this program is by phone, you can call in from wherever you might be at the time of the program, and you’ll get the chance to ask questions if you want. So get your questions ready!

After November 14, you can register to listen to a recording of this program. The Educational Programs by Phone is a free resource provided by the Alzheimer’s Association to family caregivers offering education on a variety of important topics, so check out some of the other topics when you register. You’ll probably find others of interest.

I hope that you’ll join us for “Family Conflict and Alzheimer’s Disease: Navigating Difficult Waters” on November 14th, courtesy of the Alzheimer’s Association Educational Programs by Phone. You can review and download the handout for this session by clicking on the following link.

Handout Family Conflict and Alzheimers Disease Navigating Difficult Waters Nov 2017

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