Family conflict and Alzheimer’s disease: navigating difficult waters

Alzheimer’s Association Programs by Phone November 14, 2017

Family conflict and Alzheimer's disease: navigating difficult watersThanks to Mike Bius and the Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Illinois Chapter for the fantastic discussion on November 14, 2017 for their educational Programs by Phone series.

Family Conflict and Alzheimer’s disease: Navigating Difficult Waters: program description

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be especially challenging for families. Join us as we discuss this sensitive topic with Kathleen H. Wheeler, author of “Brought to Our Senses,” a book about a family’s struggle with dementia, denial, and drama.

Kathleen H. Wheeler, BA – Author, Experienced Family Caregiver

Author Kathleen H. WheelerKathleen Wheeler has witnessed the toll that dementia takes both on the individual with the diagnosis and their family, as her mother died of Alzheimer’s disease. Kathleen decided that one way to help other families deal with the disease was to write a novel so others could learn from her own experience and see that they are not alone. Brought to Our Senses” is the tale of a family in conflict coming to terms with caring for aging parents. The book was just named a 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist for First Novel.

This educational series is provided for family caregivers of loved ones with dementia, and Mike and I discussed a variety of topics on family conflict as it relates to Alzheimer’s caregiving. Listen to “Family conflict and Alzheimer’s disease” from the Alzheimer’s Association website for the next six months or right here on my site!

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