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Book review: We Own the Sky by Luke AllnuttDesperate times call for desperate measures. WE OWN THE SKY by Luke Allnutt drives this point home through a medical drama about a couple, Rob and Anna, struggling with their five-year old son Jack’s brain tumor diagnosis and the difficult decisions they must make on his behalf.

To what lengths would you go to save your child if they were written off by traditional western medicine? This premise explores two options pursued by Rob and Anna: a risk-taking, grief-stricken father frantic to give his son a chance through a questionable, experimental therapy, and a by-the-book, conservative mother resigned to her son’s fate who is trying to provide the proper care for his final days.

WE OWN THE SKY shows how this kind of tragic predicament can tear a couple apart through guilt, blame, and clouded judgment due to grief. While the story is heartbreakingly sad, Allnutt does a good job developing characters, keeping the reader interested and cheering for both the father and mother to find their way through the sorrow.

Another interesting element of the story is whether you can believe the things you research and find online. As Rob and Anna scour the internet researching options, they are torn by information found in forums where other desperate parents seek advice and help to save their loved ones. Contradictory reviews and opinions of a doctor and his experimental treatment pit Rob and Anna against each other for their son’s care and threaten their marriage.

I really enjoyed this story and found it engaging, real, and touching. This story deals with the heavy issues of life, death and the tragic circumstances we cannot change. This story also provides hope by showing that life goes on and healing is possible by owning our mistakes, saying we are sorry, and offering forgiveness to those we love. I highly recommend WE OWN THE SKY for those who enjoy medical fiction and stories about family relationships.

We Own the Sky book review
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